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November 27, 2020

People Insights: Caroline

Caroline started her career at Evonik in 2017 as Technical Manager Chemical Lab and Quality Assurance. Find out more about holding on to dreams, morning rituals and why thirst for knowledge is a great motivation.

What is your favorite ritual of the day? 

Every day after getting up I do 10 minutes of yoga - it helps to wake up the body and start the day well. 

How did you get to Evonik and what is your current job? 

I joined Dr. Straetmans in 2013 as an intern in the chemistry lab. After completing my master's degree in Natural Cosmetics Raw Materials Science in France, I wanted to do an internship abroad and at the same time get to know a new country and the natural cosmetics industry. To become better in both subjects, chemistry and natural cosmetics - that was my goal. Dr. Straetmans has been part of Evonik since 2017 and is expanding the portfolio of the Care Solutions Business Line, especially in the Product Protection area. I am currently working as Technical Manager Chemical Lab and Quality Assurance, where I am responsible for the development of new raw materials and blends for Product Protection and for quality issues such as quality control, batch release, stability testing and sales technical support. This means close cooperation with Research & Development, Application Engineering, Supply Chain and Customer Service, Sales and Regulatory Affairs. 

What do you want to learn in 2021? 

There are more and more new ways of working together or exchanging ideas, so I want to focus more on communication and management in 2021. I would like to strengthen both competencies in order to work more effectively and to improve myself.  

Is there a wisdom of life that you would like to share? 

I am quite optimistic and find it important to always believe in your dreams. If you work on them again and again, you will reach your goal in the end or learn a lot along the way - especially about yourself. 

Which Evonik site would you like to visit?  

Until now, I only learned about the processes at the lab level. I would be very interested in how to do a scale-up from a cosmetic raw material production and then how the raw material is produced in production. Therefore, I would like to visit a production site - either in Essen or in Shanghai - to learn more about the production of a cosmetic raw material.

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