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August 13, 2020

People Insights: Frederieke

Frederieke is part of the Evonik Perspectives program and a master's student in the Innovation Networks area. In this People Insights we learn more about her and her work-life balance.

Currently, you are writing your master's thesis in the company alongside your internship at Evonik - How do you structure yourself in your everyday life?   

Starting in March this year I did an internship at Evonik in the Innovation Networks department for 3 months. This internship then turned into my master's thesis in June. The decision to do an internship before that was also really good, so I had time to get used to the new working environment, get to know my colleagues and clarify my master's thesis topic so that I could really get started in June.  
I always try to start early in the morning so that I still have time for sports in the evening. Otherwise my days are actually always structured differently, depending on what's on that day. Sometimes I have a lot of phone calls, other days I sit at my laptop and research or evaluate something. Then there are days when I simply work on my master thesis. As I said before, sports are very important to me in the evenings as a balance. Just before I go to bed, I do a little French via Duolingo every day and read a few more pages. 
At the same time, a few students and I try to build a student community at Evonik. I am thrilled about the great support we get from all sides.  

Imagine you have a day off completely - what would you do?   

I think I'd sleep in. But I'm a person who sleep in means he's awake at 8:00. Then I would make myself a leisurely breakfast and then, depending on how fit I was, I would do something. Maybe I would look at something in the surroundings or go hiking or I would visit my parents. Maybe some friends would also have time and desire to do something with me.   

What do you really want to do or experience in 2020?   

There's a lot left to do this year. First of all I have to finish my master's thesis. This is a big milestone. Afterwards I would like to go on holiday for a week, where to - I don't know exactly yet. After that, I'd prefer to continue working at Evonik, because the company, the colleagues, and the topics I've already gotten to know at Evonik appeal to me very much. 

Do you have any special characteristics? What would your friends say?  

I am very sociable and get to know all kinds of people very quickly. Therefore it is very difficult to find a free weekend for dating. But on the other hand I like to help networking. I also enjoy getting to know new things, new topics, things and people. Maybe this is also related to the fact that I have already lived in different cities and also abroad. So I am always happy when I get to know new cities, countries, cultures and people. It also helps me that I already speak several languages and like to learn more.  

Which Disney character would you like to turn into one day?   

I think I would like to become Tiana from "Kiss the Frog". I like that she is a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants and she is not too good at any job to achieve her goals. And she is a good cook - I would love to try her gumbo. Also, the music in this movie is really good. It's not the classic Disney for once, but rather, since the story takes place in New Orleans, nice and jazzy.  

Which Evonik site did you always want to visit?  

If I have to decide on a location, then maybe I'd go to Antwerp. I lived there for four years when I was a child. So I'm always happy when I get the chance to be there again.   

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