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February 4, 2021

People Insights: João

João joined Evonik 2002 and in his people insights he tells us about his morning rituals, the importance of taking time for interpersonal communications and how his everyday working life.

Do you have a morning ritual? 

My morning ritual, first is to thank the opportunity of another day of life. Before starting the daily work, during the morning, I talk with my twin brother about several topics. We've had this habit since we were kids. 

What does family mean to you? 

Family is my base, it's the greatest treasure. We are who we are because of it. Each member of our family contributes greatly to character. Family give us support when we need it and celebrate our achievements. 

What does a typical working day look like for you?  

It depends on the day, but I usually start my work early, checking my agenda and attending the meetings in the morning. At lunch I usually read news on the internet or on TV. In the afternoon, I do the tasks of my agenda and every day I talk with one of the employees of my region. As I am working in home office, I believe that working this way I can be more close to my employees. 

Which aspect of your day-to-day work do you particularly like? Maybe especially when working in Brazil? 

As a Human Resource Professional, the essence of our job are people, so I really enjoy interacting with people. In my opinion they make our company the best place to work. 

Is there a particular motivation that drives you every day to broaden your horizon?  

My family is the best motivation. I’m in the middle of my professional career with physical disability. Despite all the obstacles, I’m here. Each member of my family help me to achieve my goals. They were the first to believe in my potential. They taught me values, to respect people, and to work a lot with dedication.This is how we are able to achieve our goals. 

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