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September 29, 2020

People Insights: Luca

Luca is an apprentice as an electronics technician for automation technology in his 3rd year and even before he started his apprenticeship, he suspected that Evonik is the right choice for him. And that's exactly what happened. In his People Insight, he talks about his experiences and highlights during his apprenticeship.

Do you have morning rituals when you come to work?

Since our days never begin with identical tasks, we rarely have a routine start to work. I really like the variation that every workday brings to me.

What are the highlights of your training so far that you particularly remember?

There are many things that will remain in my memory! One personal highlight was working with our new robot arm, which really challenged me and one of my fellow apprentices. When we finally put the new robot into operation together, we were very proud that everything worked.

Do you have any special characteristics? What would your friends say?

I am a very helpful person and whenever there is a conflict, I try to find a solution for both sides where nobody feels disadvantaged. My friends say that I am a very direct person and always talk openly and honestly with other people.

What does team spirit mean to you and what do you appreciate most about your colleagues and trainers? 

Team spirit means that everyone works together as one unit, and nobody is left behind. This is the way it is lived among us colleagues. Here, everyone is there for everyone and we help each other. No matter what year of apprenticeship or which job he is doing. The same applies to our trainers. They are always helpful, no matter what situation you are in.

What fascinates you about working with automation technology?

I am fascinated by the constant progress! Once you have gotten used to a new program, a newer version already exists. Nowadays, there is a constant change of systems and possibilities – an exciting challenge, because you have to be up to date and learn new things all the time.

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