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April 1, 2021

People Insights: Tracy

Tracy is a Principle Project Manager at Evonik’s Birmingham, Alabama site. She shares with us everything from her quarantine hobby to the tv show that she is currently watching.

If you could work at any Evonik site in the world for a day where would you go? 

I would work in Japan! It would be a great opportunity explore products from the Evonik Japan group with hopes of learning more about Japanese culture in my down time.  

Do you prefer to work at home or in the office? 

I prefer to work in the office. I have wonderful colleagues and work with an amazing team. It’s always a pleasure to interact and see smiling faces. I also feel a lot more productive and have less distractions when I am at the office. 

Did you pick up a new skill or hobby during quarantine? 

I got back into painting. I started back in college but hadn’t had much time to dedicate to it prior to the pandemic. I actually added studio space to my home, and a friend of mine that is an esteemed artist in New Orleans reached out, and we started doing Zoom art classes together.  

Do you prefer to vacation in the mountains, the beach, or the city?  

I am a total beach bum! Whether its Destin, FL or Bora Bora count me in. I love the beach! 

Are you currently watching any shows that you recommend? 

I am currently watching and would recommend Games of Thrones! I’m a bit late to the Game of Thrones party, but I’m completely obsessed.


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