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August 5, 2021

#WhyWeDoIt – Aurélie

#WhyWeDoIt - As Sustainability Expert focusing on Sustainability-Metrics, Aurélie contributes daily to make Evonik more environmentally friendly.

We all care about a sustainable future and feel strongly to make it a growing priority. For Aurélie, sustainability is not only her professional passion but also fascinates her in everyday life. In her People Story, you can learn more about her contribution of making Evonik to an even more environmentally friendly company and why Sustainability affects every single aspect of our life. 

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Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing – What does that mean and why is it important? Basically, the principle is not new; The aim is to give young professionals an insight into the everyday work of colleagues who have been in professional life for some time. For this Purpose, the young professional follows the more experienced colleague for a day as if they were their shadow – hence the expression "job shadowing".