Career News
March 29, 2021

#WhyWeDoIt - Varun

"At Research Development and Innovation, in the Product and Process Development, I design polyamide-based materials for high performance applications based on novel material concepts. Our solutions are used for applications all over the world in different market segments such as Industrial and Energy, Consumer Goods, Aerospace, Automotive and more. With being applied in so many diverse markets I see a great impact on improving life in numerous ways. We push the limits of our products to make them better and create new materials based on chemical formulations and suitable process technologies for our customers."

Thank you Varun for sharing your "WhyWeDoIt - Everyone feels an inner motivation to do the things they do, whether it´s in their personal or professional life. What is it that drives you?" with us. In our #WhyWeDoIt campaign, employees tell what they like most about their work and why they do what they do every day.

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