Questions About Internships, Degrees and Theses


Basically, in all segments, as well as in the service units, the Corporate Center, and at all sites throughout the world. We deploy interns in various projects and make use of their skills to develop and implement new topics. Based on the work of the company, we especially look for chemistry, engineering, and economics students. Are there special intern programs or limitations as regards the number of internships? There is no fixed number of internships. So that you can carry out practical activities during your internship and can be involved in ongoing projects, the number of internships is based on the requirements of the specialist departments. In our business and service units and in the Corporate Center, you work on tasks and projects that are structured individually and that can be completed during your internship where possible.

You will find all the advertised internships on our Job Market.

Unfortunately, we do not accept unsolicited applications. If you are interested in joining us and cannot find a suitable job in our Job Market, we recommend that you register your application profile in our database. You can also set up an individual job alarm to notify you of suitable job ads.

You must fulfill professional and formal requirements for the respective position and have good or very good grades. Some internships need a minimum number of credit points and require a bachelor’s degree. You will find these requirements in the respective job ad. We also attach great importance to the personal suitability of applicants; in other words, communication skills, capacity for teamwork, reliability, determination, and a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm, and commitment, which, if possible, you have also demonstrated outside university. Confidence in working with IT and sound language skills are also helpful.

Internships are possible only while you are still studying.

Yes, Evonik offers internships worldwide. You must have completed a successful internship in your home country (not necessarily with Evonik) and have above-average grades in your studies. Please plan this about six months in advance.

There is no “best” time for an internship at Evonik. You are welcome to join us at any time. However, you should apply in good time, between 3 and 6 months before you would like to start the internship.

At least 3 months, longer if you wish. Depending on your studies, these in-depth main internships can last 6 months or more. You can obtain more information about the length of internships in the respective advertisement or via the recruiting help line (0800 2386645).

We will be happy to help you find an apartment. At some sites, special apartments are available for interns.

Yes, all internships are paid. Evonik is a member of the Fair Company Initiative, in which we have agreed to pay all interns. However, the pay differs depending on the type of internship and academic degree.

Generally, a successfully completed internship is required for you to be offered a job as a temporary-hire student at Evonik. By arrangement with the unit management, it is thus possible for you to remain employed in the company even after you have completed your internship.

By arrangement, it is possible to get a job as a temporary-hire student after your internship. If this is not possible, your supervisor can propose you for the Evonik Perspectives loyalty program.


Good or very good grades, good skills appropriate to your education status, confidence working with modern IT, determination, reliability, enthusiasm, resilience, sound language skills, non-university commitment, capacity to work in a team, and social skills.

We do not offer specific doctoral student programs. In our business areas and in the Corporate Center, you work on worldwide topics that are individually structured and agreed. All variants are possible. Existing cooperation agreements between Evonik and university lecturers can be a good basis for a doctor’s degree.

Yes, depending on Evonik-specific issues and the specifications of the respective examination regulations. The topics are defined in collaboration with the university (chair, professor), the student, and Evonik’s specialist departments. If you are looking for the right contact or have questions about degree, bachelor, master, or doctoral theses, please contact our applicant service (0800 2386645). It is useful if you consider several groups of themes that you would like to write about and include a short exposé.

In all areas where certain topics can be investigated specifically or fundamentally within a limited (degree, bachelor, master theses) or longer time (doctoral thesis). It is also possible for students to write their bachelor's thesis in the same department after completing an internship.

Degree and doctoral candidates are given access to the resources they need for their theses. They are involved in all the required activities, such as cooperation with internal and external entities, presentations, business trips, etc.


You can contact our applicant help line: 0800 2386645 or from outside Germany +49 201 177-4200 (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). Please send any technical questions to and describe the technical problem. Remember that applications sent to this address will not be considered in the application process. I cannot open the PDFs that are available for download on some pages. What can I do? To read a PDF, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free here.