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September 19, 2023


Andrew - US Summer Professional Enrichment Program

In his student story, Andrew shares his experiences with the US Summer Professional Enrichment Program as a Chemical Engineer.

Andrew, US Summer Professional Enrichment Program
Andrew, US Summer Professional Enrichment Program
Andrew, US Summer Professional Enrichment Program
Andrew, US Summer Professional Enrichment Program

Hello all,

My name is Andrew and I’m going into my third year at The Pennsylvania State University, USA this upcoming fall where I’m majoring in chemical engineering and minoring in environmental engineering.

The journey that led me to Evonik began when I saw a position open through the Summer Professional Enrichment (SPE) Program for students as I was on a search for an internship. I was already familiar with Evonik and specifically their outstanding work within the pharmaceutical industry, so I applied immediately. Also, Evonik’s strong commitment to sustainability aligned with my values which made me even more interested in working for them. After navigating through the interview process, I was elated to receive an offer as an SPE intern part of the formulation and application services team.

Embarking on my first internship has been an exciting experience that has opened my eyes to the practical applications of the knowledge I have gained in the classroom. As a student transitioning into the professional world, this internship has provided me with an invaluable opportunity to apply my classroom knowledge to tangible projects and witness the impact firsthand.

My favorite part of working at Evonik so far is the supportive and collaborative work environment.  From day one, I was welcomed by a team of talented professionals who were eager to share their knowledge and guide me throughout my internship. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside individuals who value my opinions and insights, making me feel like a valued member of the team.

Beyond the technical aspects, Evonik has made me feel like I am truly #PartofSomethingSpecial. As an intern, I have been given many opportunities to attend seminars and networking events that have broadened my horizons and expanded my professional network. Through a regional project that I worked on with other interns located throughout the United States, we had the opportunity to develop and present our ideas about enhancing sustainability at Evonik directly to senior management in the company, which was a great opportunity to make a positive impact on something I’m passionate about.

Being selected for an internship at Evonik has been a remarkable journey that has far exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to work at such an innovative and industry-leading specialty chemical company. I’m looking forward to seeing how the skills I’ve learned and experience I’ve gained will be able to translate into future professional endeavors!

Best Regards,



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