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September 7, 2023


Elizabeth - An intern in Employer Branding

Meet Elizabeth, a Human Resources student, doing an internship in Employer Branding. She shares what it means to be #PartofSomethingSpecial and how Evonik has helped her grow as a professional and individual person.

Hi everyone!

My name is Elizabeth and I am currently the Employer Branding Intern, and I am specifically working on the new Employer Brand Launch, Early Career Program websites, and collaborating with the University Relations team. I will receive my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources, as well as my Bachelor’s of Art in Art Education, this upcoming semester, graduating in December of 2023 from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, USA. I made the addition to focus on Human Resources relatively late in my school career, however, this was the best decision I could have made. Human Resources is what I thought it would be, and more, especially at Evonik.

I began to look for internships this past year, and Evonik was one of the companies I was originally unsure about due to my lack of knowledge in the Specialty Chemical industry. However, after my initial interview, it became very clear that this was the place that I wanted to be. Everyone at Evonik was so welcoming, and they made sure that I had all of the information and resources that I needed to successfully complete my internship.

During my 12 weeks at Evonik, the knowledge that I have gained is immeasurable. Through working on the new Employer Brand Launch, informing employees about our new EVP*, and the new employer promise, Be Part of Something Special, I have learned that everyone at Evonik is very involved in making sure that the culture throughout the entire company is something that you are truly proud to be a part of, and even as an intern, you feel like you are making an impact on the company. For me, this was especially apparent through the different projects I was working on, and helping attract potential candidates for the future, and ensuring that the information on multiple websites were accurate, and that candidates were getting all of their questions answered from the information on the website. I also had the opportunity to organize different intern stories for this blog, the Students@Evonik Blog, which showcases the different opportunities interns all over North America had, and how they were able to make an impact on Evonik.

Being able to help with these websites, the Employer Brand Launch, and the Students@Evonik Blog posts, I feel that the impact that I have made at Evonik will be seen for some time to come. While people will not know that it was necessarily me, I am proud that potential candidates, managers, and employees will have an easier time accessing vital information. Through the Students@Evonik Blog posts and helping organize the career fairs for the Fall semester, potential candidates will truly be able to see how they can fit in at Evonik, and what a valuable resource Evonik is to them if they choose to start their professional career here.

Starting my professional career at Evonik could not have been a better choice. Through the amazing culture, all of the help from everyone, and all of the information that I have learned, I truly believe that Evonik did a fantastic job at preparing me for my professional career, and hopefully a professional career at Evonik! With all of this being said, I am truly glad that I got to be #PartofSomethingSpecial during my internship at Evonik!

Best regards,



*EVP = Employer Value Proposition


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