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June 27, 2022


Jennifer at Engineering Automation and Process Management

Jennifer is completing her internship in the field of "Engineering Automation and Process Management" at the Hanau site. Here she talks about her good onboarding, independent projects and the opportunities she received during her time at Evonik.  

Jennifer does an internship at Engineering Automation and Process Management
Jennifer does an internship at Engineering Automation and Process Management

Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I’m in my last semester studying Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Rüsselsheim.   

I have been interested in automation for a while now, so when it was time for a practical semester for the seventh semester of my program, I started looking for positions in that area. Unexpectedly, I came across Evonik. I knew about Evonik as a chemical company, but until then I hadn't been aware of the wide variety of exciting tasks offered here. Even if you haven’t had much experience with chemistry yourself yet.  

Since I hadn’t had any experience with industrial plants or process control technology at that point in my studies, working in this area was a challenge. At the same time, it was a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills and to gather experience in a different field. So I decided to apply for an internship in the area of Engineering Automation and Process Management at the Hanau location.   

In my internship, I am preparing an innovative project to test new standards. The goal of the project is to easily and securely make production data available for new use cases in the area of plant monitoring and optimization. I am able to participate in every part of the plant monitoring project, so my day-to-day tasks are varied, and they involve plenty of responsibility. Among other things, they include preparing and giving presentations, planning and developing concepts and solutions, and completing the technical implementation and documentation of these solutions.  

Thanks to the good orientation from my supervisors, I was soon able to handle all of the assignments by myself. My supervisors also guide me through all the project phases, and they give me plenty of support if something doesn’t work out the way I hoped. That means I can get to know all of the project workflows and practice important skills for my later professional life. I’m happy to have a really meaningful role within the company as an intern, and to be able to contribute to developing new technologies. 

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, I also work from my home office a lot during my internship. Thanks to that option, I can plan my day flexibly and avoid a few trips on public transit. Despite the fairly empty offices and distancing rules, I have still been able to meet many very nice colleagues. The atmosphere in the office is always relaxed, and everyone treats each other with respect. In addition, I’ve been able to get an insight into other aspects of automation and plant planning. I was even able to tour a manufacturing plant for active ingredients. You also have the opportunity to attend exciting talks during the “Evonik Lernstunde (Learning Hour)” and take classes on all kinds of topics in the “Learning and Individualized Library.” It is worth a lot to work in a company that actively supports the well-being and further education of its employees and strives to create a pleasant working atmosphere.  

Evonik has exceeded my expectations for an internship in every way. I’m glad I can do my internship here, and I’m very thankful for all the experience. I am looking forward to writing my Bachelor’s thesis at Evonik, too. 


Kind regards, 


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