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September 28, 2023


Mackenzie - US Summer Professional Enrichment Program

Mackenzie is a Supply Chain Management intern in Evonik's healthcare business line. Her internship allows her to apply her business studies, as well as her science studies - which is something that she never anticipated.  

Mackenzie, US Summer Professional Enrichment Program in Management
Mackenzie, US Summer Professional Enrichment Program in Management
Mackenzie, US Summer Professional Enrichment Program in Management
Mackenzie, US Summer Professional Enrichment Program in Management

Hi all!

My name is Mackenzie, and I am preparing to begin my senior year pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Purdue University, USA. I spent the first two years of my studies in Purdue’s Biomedical Health Sciences program, with a focus in joining the medical field. I had transformative experiences that led me into the field of business.

During the fall of 2022, I met Evonik recruiters at the Krannert Career Fair and grew extremely interested in joining the Summer Professional Experience (SPE) intern program. I grew up in Lafayette, IN just minutes away from Tippecanoe Laboratories, and was incognizant to the impact that Evonik has on the world. Since being offered a position as a Supply Chain intern, I have been astounded by the contribution Evonik makes to a plethora of products, from rubber to cancer drugs. My most favorite part of working at Evonik is being a part of that contribution and truly “leading beyond chemistry.”

Here at Tippecanoe Labs, we are in the healthcare business line. This internship allows me to apply my business studies, as well as my science studies, which is something that I never anticipated being able to integrate. My assigned projects have allowed me to network with many individuals in many different positions at the Tippe site, including engineers, operators, quality personnel, and support staff. For two of my projects, I am on cross-functional teams, allowing me to communicate and work alongside with professionals in quality control, quality assurance, production, and operational excellence. Apart from the Tippe site, I have also gotten the opportunity to virtually meet and work alongside many other interns and Evonik professionals at sites across the North American Region. Each of these individuals have different cultural backgrounds, educational backgrounds, and experiences that help me to continue to learn.

Evonik has granted me the opportunity to showcase my current knowledge and skills, as well as continue to discover new interests and develop into a young professional. One of my projects included contributing to the inventory management strategy for a new lipid production facility for mRNA-based therapies. Evonik allows the interns to participate in real work experience that is impactful, which is something that I greatly appreciate and enjoy.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to intern at a company that prioritizes creating a company culture that gives you space to grow and develop professionally. Evonik has given me the platform to explore different areas of business, expand my network, work on meaningful projects, and acquire new technical and soft skills. I am proud to be an intern at Evonik and #PartofSomethingSpecial.

All the best,



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