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October 11, 2023


Madhu – Femtec Intern in Product & Technology Management

Madhu is an Information and Communication Engineering student and part of the Femtec network. Find out more about her projects in market intelligence & business development.

Madhu, Femtec intern in Product & Technology Management
Madhu, Femtec intern in Product & Technology Management
Madhu, Femtec intern in Product & Technology Management
Madhu, Femtec intern in Product & Technology Management

Hi there!

I’m Madhu, I’m studying Information and Communication Engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt, and I’ve now had the opportunity to work as an intern at Evonik’s Oil Additives Business Line in Darmstadt.

Despite lacking a chemistry background, I’m keen to expand upon the things I have learned. I take great pleasure in learning, especially when I’m faced with unfamiliar subjects. Given that I was already based in Darmstadt and knew of Evonik's reputation for providing work experience placements, I had to seize the opportunity to apply for an Evonik internship. And, as luck would have it, I ended up embarking on an internship in Product and Technology Management.

Evonik Oil Additives develops lubricant additives, formulation solutions and base oil technologies to meet the fuel economy needs of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, as well as increase efficiency in construction and mining and generate energy savings for compressors and manufacturing equipment.

During my internship, I was assigned market intelligence as well as business development projects. In particular, I looked into the long-term market growth potential for a specific product group as well as helped identify market potential for Evonik Oil Additives products within a specific sub-market. I also took part in monthly meetings where the whole department met to discuss the team’s progress, current focus topics as well as tasks for the upcoming months. I was given all the resources I needed and was glad to be able to work with such a wonderful team. I was also fortunate to be able to gain experience working in various functions, which ranged from conducting interviews with the global OEM managers and getting valuable feedback from them on my work to having frequent meetings with the Controlling and Product Leadership Team. This experience was truly remarkable and allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of how diverse global work cultures can be.

Given my lack of prior experience in the field, I did initially find the tasks quite challenging but my supervisor was there every step of the way. She pointed me in the right direction and helped me grow and develop, both personally and professionally. I am grateful for the time she invested in me and for taking time out of her busy schedule to mentor me. The kind of coaching and assistance you get at Evonik is invaluable if you truly want to understand how the corporate world works.

I also want to thank the entire Evonik team in Darmstadt as well as the HR department for their hard work and for helping me to get settled into life at Evonik. The company's commitment to embracing diversity is evident in every aspect of its operations. Various events like Femtec x Unitech, for example, allowed me to network within the company. And I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Chemical Plant in Marl, a trip which allowed me to see firsthand how Evonik is driving transformation and making a tangible impact on sustainability. I also take part in regular Femtec Alumni meet-ups and coffee talks with peers, where I get to learn more about what my colleagues get up to.

I can’t thank Evonik enough for this wonderful experience.  The experience I have gained here will undoubtedly stay with me for the rest of my life and I would like to thank both my team and the HR department for supporting me throughout this journey.

Kind regards,



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