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January 26, 2023


Maximilian's Career Start in Membrane Measurement Technology

It all started with an internship, followed by nine months as a working student and has now resulted in an employee contract. Maximilian is working as a scientist in Membrane Measurement Technology at our company site in Schoerfling, Austria. Find out how Evonik won him over within the first few minutes of the job interview.

Maximilian did an internship in Membrane Measurement Technology
Maximilian did an internship in Membrane Measurement Technology
Maximilian did an internship in Membrane Measurement Technology
Maximilian did an internship in Membrane Measurement Technology

Hi, my name is Maximilian, and I am finishing my Master’s in Chemical Technology Management at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria.

I currently live in one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, amid mountains and lakes, in the gorgeous Salzkammergut in Upper Austria. I live about 10 minutes away from my job at Evonik Fibres GmbH in Schoerfling.
Just before I started my Master’s thesis at the university, a professor wrote to me about an internship with the option of completing a thesis at Evonik Fibres. Reading about the internship in Membrane Measurement Technology made me question my existing thesis project plans. Their requirements ranged from basic mechanical concepts to chemical and processing skills as well as programming with Python. The broad range of requirements perfectly matched my professional goals for my post-university career. I hadn’t learned much about programming yet at that point, but I was confident that with my completed mechanical engineering apprenticeship and especially my technical chemistry degree, I would be able to pull my weight. The two-month part-time internship was followed by nine exciting months as a working student, during which I was able to finish the practical part of my Master’s thesis at the company. That allowed me to deepen my knowledge in the area of infrared spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis. One of the highlights of the Master’s thesis was developing a QC tool that could then be implemented within the process.
Now I am very happy I can hit the ground running with an Evonik Fibres employment contract that started in December.

I want to offer some impressions of my first personal encounter with Evonik Fibres because the company completely won me over within a few minutes. The interview started out an unexpectedly relaxed and pleasant note. Instead of a formal atmosphere, it was an extremely human conversation where we saw eye to eye and yet still covered plenty of the technical details.

The Department Head of Measurement Technology and the Head of Business Service were both there for the entire interview.
The casual atmosphere across hierarchies erased all the anxieties and doubts I initially had about hierarchical structures in larger companies.

I was able to start soon after the interview, and my first impression turned out to be accurate. At this company, every employee is given the respect they deserve. In addition to the human factor, the exciting gas separation technology with hollow fiber membranes has taken my motivation to a whole new level. The product I’m working on focuses on sustainability aspects and environmental responsibility. That means I can do truly meaningful work beyond purely economic interests.

But the other thing I want to highlight is the professional opportunities that come from working in such a large corporate environment. The clear statements from upper management, which can be interpreted as providing room for personal development, tell me I made the right decision with Evonik as an employer, too.

After my first year at Evonik Fibres GmbH, I can now say with confidence that I’m very proud to be a part of this company. Ever since the start of my professional career, my goal was to find a job where I could offer my total commitment.

Finally, I’d just like to encourage anyone who is interested in a science or technology career, and who holds sustainability as an important personal principle, to join the Evonik team.

Wishing you great success and all the best,



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