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April 27, 2023


Patrick – An Internship in the Global Onboarding Team

"What excites me is the openness with which you are greeted." - In his story Patrick tells us about his work in a team, the exchange with students and how he gives employees a good start into their careers at Evonik. 

Patrick - Intern in the Global Onboarding Team
Patrick - Intern in the Global Onboarding Team
Patrick - An intern in the Global Onboarding Team
Patrick - An intern in the Global Onboarding Team

Hello everyone,

My name is Patrick and I am currently in the final stages of my Bachelor’s studies. I am studying Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund and have focused on the field of HR.

At the end of 2021, I began looking for an internship. My goal was to work for a company that cares about its employees and that had an interesting position open in HR. The fact that Evonik has a separate team for onboarding was a pleasant surprise for me. After a few interviews with my potential future team members, I received a positive response: I was accepted for an internship with the Global Onboarding Team at Evonik starting in March 2022.

Even though I was repeatedly told during the application process that I would also be working independently and that I could contribute creatively, I didn't quite believe it at first. But – “surprise, surprise” – editing videos, working on digital workshops, editing content and designing projects by myself and with the team quickly became part of my daily tasks.

I received a very warm welcome from everyone on the team. From the very beginning, I felt like I was part of the team. I am located in Essen, but the team is spread out around the globe. This was the first time I had worked as part of such an international team. Now it is my job to give people a good start in their career at Evonik.

In my opinion, the onboarding phase is one of the most important stages when it comes to winning people over to a company. It is a fulfilling job that allows me to help other people – while striving for something greater together.

What excites me about Evonik is the openness and warmth with which you are greeted. The Students@Evonik community, for example, is a very welcoming group. As a student, I was able to build up my own small network here, which still exists today. We meet at regular intervals, share our experiences, and plan events together that enable students to learn more about the opportunities at Evonik. And if I have questions about a specific topic, I can reach out to them for support.

The six months flew by. I was able to participate in various projects such as the Virtual Onboarding Welcome Events, which were a highlight for me. People from all over the world get together to learn new things about Evonik. I was able to meet and interact with them.

In the meantime, my internship is already over. After a short period as a working student, I am now happy to be able to strengthen the team as a permanent employee!

Evonik offers a wide range of job opportunities, from chemistry-related professions to engineers to HR. So just have a look to see if there might be something for you. You are more than welcome to join one of our monthly Onboarding events!



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