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May 25, 2023


Students@Evonik Community – Your chance to network

Are you interested in joining Evonik as a student or already working as an intern in the company? Then get to know our Students@Evonik community!

Students@Evonik Community
Students@Evonik Community

What is the Students@Evonik Community? 

The Students@Evonik Community has set itself the goal of promoting cross-departmental and global exchange among students within the company. Sounds exciting? It is! Our regular events include: 

Special Coffee Talks with speakers from the company

Casual networking events to get to know each other

"Game Nights" for casual exchange

If you are new to Evonik, our onboarding checklist will help you take your first steps in the company. You don't like to read? In our FAQ video series, former and current students tell you about their experiences at Evonik.

What is the purpose of the Students@Evonik community?

The Students@Evonik community offers so much more than just networking and helpful career tips. Thanks to the community, you have the opportunity to think outside the box and gain insights into areas at Evonik that go beyond the work in your department:

• What contribution do Evonik's products make to a more sustainable world? 

• How is diversity promoted in the workforce?

• What challenges does our technical department face on a daily basis?

In addition, you are able to actively advance your career by exchanging ideas with specialists and managers, experienced employees or trainees and to secure helpful application tips!

Who organizes the Students@Evonik community?

The Students@Evonik community is organized by students and for students. The organization team is like the target group: mixed and made up of members from different departments.  "Interdisciplinarity" is not just a buzzword for us! All students can voluntarily participate in the community and gain further experience in addition to the internship or student activity in the company. Our tasks include managing the Students@Evonik community in the Evonik Social Network, organizing events, and communicating information relevant to the target group.

What are the advantages of networking?

To name just a few benefits:

• Exchange of knowledge and experience

• Helpful career tips

• Inspiration for your own work

• Broadening the company's understanding

The list goes on... Professional networking is particularly relevant for young professionals. At Evonik, we offer a wide range of networking opportunities that you can use to build and expand your professional network. In addition to classic opportunities to get to know each other, you can use the internal Evonik Social Network. There you will also find the Students@Evonik community!

How can I participate?

Are you interested in becoming a member of the community as well? Meet us at one of the next Students@Evonik events! Would you like to get actively involved and implement your own ideas? Then become part of the organizing team. We look forward to seeing you!

On the students@Evonik blog, students, who work at Evonik, share their experiences about life and work in the company.