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November 17, 2022


Tehraym - UNITECH student in Human Resources

Tehraym is a master’s student from the UNITECH network in chemical engineering from Loughborough, England. He tackled the challenge and did an internship in the Human Resources team of the Division Specialty Additives.

Tehraym, a UNITECH student at Evonik
Tehraym, a UNITECH student at Evonik
Tehraym visiting Heidelberg, Germany
Tehraym visiting Heidelberg, Germany

Hello there! My name is Tehraym and I’m a UNITECH student, studying a master’s in chemical engineering at Loughborough University in England.

I first heard about Evonik through the UNITECH program and as a student interested in specialty chemicals, I instantly wanted to complete my internship here. Even though I had a chemical background, I wanted to do something in business management or human resources to broaden my knowledge, and luckily the Specialty Additives division had a space in their human resources team. The next thing I knew I was moving from the UK to Germany, to work at the Hanau site for 6 months!

Working in human resources has been a massive learning experience, as I haven’t had much experience in this field, but so far it has been great. The team, most of which are global professionals in HR and management, was very welcoming and friendly. I love working with them.

As an intern, I assisted on multiple projects in the area of succession planning and hiring on a global scale. I also had my own project around making a department within Evonik more attractive to professionals and more visible within the company. This means I had something new to work on everyday and my fresh ideas can make all the difference. Within my first three months, I already had the opportunity to work on numerous projects, create and conduct presentations and drafts for websites and pages.

One of the best things about my internship was having the ability to network with so many people within the company across many departments and divisions. This has increased my breadth of knowledge and understanding within the world of HR and business. There have been so many development opportunities and workshops for me to attend and learn from innovative experts in their fields. Examples of this include a site tour and workshop in the Marl site, the innovative pilot plants and the TPM academy. I also had the pleasure of attending workshops and participate in mentorship programs in Hanau and Frankfurt leading to form deeper connections and gain relevant guidance for my current work and future career.

I have loved working with my line managers, who have helped me develop through tasks and invitations to meetings with management. They provided me with lots of support for my projects and tasks and shown me how to utilize my strengths in large teams. I made loads of friends with other interns across different departments, and we did lots of activities together after work and on the weekends in the Hesse region. So, for me there is a great work life balance!

I have learnt that the sky is the limit, and even though I have a chemical engineering background, I can learn and develop in so many other areas of work beyond engineering, and that the opportunities within Evonik are endless.

This about sums up my story so far. Evonik has been an amazing company to work as a student intern. I can’t believe that half a year ago I was looking for an internship with any other company but Evonik. I hope to come back to Evonik after my graduation!

All the best



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