International Professional Rotational Enrichment Program (IPREP) for Recent Graduates

If you are looking for rotational development work experience and want to work in a challenging and collaborative environment, then the Evonik North America IPREP roles may be the right fit for you.  

Evonik North America is searching for innovative and solution-oriented young professionals to join our International Professional Rotational Enrichment Program (IPREP). We offer recent graduates with a bachelor's or a master's degree in several academic areas the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at multiple sites in North America and abroad. While performing meaningful work and delivering results-focused projects contributing to our sustainability strategy, there will be opportunities to network with professionals across the regions to launch your career with Evonik.

You can apply to this program from multiple locations in the US and Canada including Allentown, Lafayette, Parsippany, Piscataway, Richmond, Birmingham, Mobile, and Houston.

Majors Accepted:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance
  • Business Management 
  • Marketing

IPREP offers a rotational, experiential learning opportunity in a dynamic work environment. It offers great potential to grow your professional, technical, and leadership skills for an exciting long-lasting career with Evonik. Proactive engagement will provide plenty of opportunities to connect with peers and senior management throughout the organization and to build and grow your network.

The 24-month program is comprised of three rotations that span business lines, sites, countries, and sometimes functions. Two rotations will be in North America and one rotation will be abroad. After completing the program, employees will transition into roles within the North American region. 


Evonik aspires to have a leadership position beyond chemistry and to help make the world better. That means we must provide the highest possible benefit for the customer, and for society. And that means sustainability and resource conservation are critical factors in decision-making at every level of the organization. It’s a tall ambition, and it’s not easy. But with your experience, enthusiasm, and motivation, you can put your own mark on making this vision a reality.