Engineering Talent Acquisition and Development Program in the United States

The Engineering Talent Acquisition and Development Program (ETAD) offers an opportunity for recently graduated engineers who aspire to have a technical leadership role in a reputable multinational organization.

Why is  ETAD the right engineering program for you?

ETAD aims to make Evonik better by providing technical leadership with valuable contributions. New hires undergo targeted early career development, preparing them for future roles of increasing responsibility and influence within the company.

Benefits of joining ETAD:

  • Opportunity to work for a variety of sites in the region
  • Develop a diverse technical skillset
  • Starting your career as a part of a global engineering organization with opportunity to connect with a diverse network of people

Majors Accepted:

  • Chemical engineering (BS, MS, PhD)

ETAD is a key source of engineering talent for Evonik, with engineers from ETAD going on to lead businesses, operations, supply chains, and innovation globally. They have achieved great feats such as inventing new processes, constructing plants, and utilizing AI in diverse fields.

Join the ETAD program where you develop a diverse skillset in your first two years of the program, then have an opportunity to receive focused development in a specific role of your choosing within another department of Process Technology and Engineering – North America (TE-NA). Your first two years in ETAD will be in Mobile, AL, while the third year offers the possibility to relocate dependent upon the role you select within TE-NA.


When you work in specialty chemicals, you work across so many other sectors. From sustainable nutrition to healthcare solutions, from advanced food ingredients to membranes, from care solutions to additive manufacturing, you’ll play an essential part in helping the world’s most essential industries succeed. Because we see the big things in the smaller details. To create a bigger impact. For people and the planet. 

For over a century, innovation at Evonik has enabled innovation elsewhere. We’ve helped the world’s leading companies create more sustainable, more efficient, more reliable products. So we’ll keep doing what we do best. And when you join Evonik, you’ll do it too.


'The ETAD group is unique because focus is placed entirely on developing young engineers and preparing them for future success in their careers.  You can also experience a diverse workload and interact with colleagues throughout the different parts of Evonik.'

“Over the past year in ETAD, I have been able to further develop and acquire new skills in topics like membrane technology, capital investment projects, and more. More experienced coworkers are always willing to support me and instill a lot of trust in the results I produce.”