TE-NA Engineering Trainee Program in the United States & Canada

This trainee program offers an opportunity for recently graduated engineers who aspire to have a technical leadership role in a reputable multinational organization.

Why is TE-NA the right engineering trainee program for you?

TE-NA aims to make Evonik better by providing technical leadership with valuable contributions. New hires undergo targeted early career development, preparing them for future roles of increasing responsibility and influence within the company.

Benefits of joining TE-NA:

  • Starting your career with a reputable multinational organization.
  • Rotation opportunities and in-depth development.
  • Great team spirit and a diverse culture.

Majors Accepted:

  • Chemical engineering

Explore TE-NA opportunities now!

TE-NA is a key source of engineering talent for Evonik, with engineers from TE-NA going on to lead businesses, operations, supply chains, and innovation globally. They have achieved great feats such as inventing new processes, constructing plants, and utilizing AI in diverse fields.

New engineers in TE-NA join the Engineering Talent Acquisition & Development (ETAD) group, where they first develop a broad range of engineering skills. After this initial phase, they rotate through focused development opportunities across multiple departments within TE-NA, deepening their early career engineering skills and better preparing them for future roles within Evonik.


Evonik aspires to have a leadership position beyond chemistry and to help make the world better. That means we must provide the highest possible benefit for the customer, and for society. And that means sustainability and resource conservation are critical factors in decision-making at every level of the organization. It’s a tall ambition, and it’s not easy. But with your experience, enthusiasm, and motivation, you can put your own mark on making this vision a reality.