Meet the Team
February 24, 2023

Alexander, Our Quality Expert in Smart Materials

Alexander works in quality control and assurance in Schörfling (Austria) since 2018. In his People Insight, he shares about strong team spirit, sustainability, and why personal growth makes such a difference to him.

What is so special about the Schörfling site? 

I love its location in the lake district, where you can do all kinds of things in the fresh air – from hiking to swimming! And then there’s the casual work atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone else. 

What makes you a strong team?   

Our real strength is that we are not just colleagues – we are more like a “work family.” That is reflected in how we work, too. We know what the other person needs almost without having to say it. That makes me really happy, and it’s highly motivating! We often get together outside of work to play darts or meet up for a relaxed happy hour.  

Why is further education so important to you? 

I’m a very ambitious and inquisitive person by nature, so further education is a given. I can satisfy my thirst for knowledge with various courses and further education offerings at our site. Right now I am training to be a Quality Operator so I can learn more about quality assurance and the related standards. 

What kinds of hobbies do you pursue in your free time? 

In my free time I like to be in the forest, where I chop firewood for the winter or work on my old four-sided farmstead. On Sundays I watch my favorite sport, American football, which I love. During the summer months I can usually be found at one of our many lakes, where I like to relax and swim. 

In brief: How have you personally contributed to sustainability? 

For a while now, I have been taking my bike more often and leaving the car at home, like for grocery shopping or to meet friends. I get meat and dairy products from the farmer next door because I appreciate the quality and because I want to support small businesses. To help preserve the forests, I not only reforest them, but also diligently replant the trees.