Meet the Team
November 9, 2021


Anna, a process engineer at Evonik, tells her story about what makes the Birmingham site particularly attractive, what opportunities for advancement and further training the Group offers, and what experiences she takes away from working in an international team.

What attracted you to Evonik or why did you return to Evonik?

Studying engineering at Purdue, I had learned a lot about Evonik through recruiting events. I liked that they are a diverse, global company in many different industries. The employees I was able to talk with at recruiting events, and the ones I met during the interview process really emphasized that Evonik has great company culture with lots of opportunities.

What do you love about Birmingham? How do you spend your time when you’re not at work?

Coming from the Midwest I was skeptical about moving to the south, but Birmingham has really grown on me. From breweries and restaurants to the concerts and minor league sports, Birmingham has a lot to offer. I also love that there are some great parks around the for hiking.

How would you describe your team? or What do you like best about your team?

In our project teams, I like that I get to work with so many different departments. Depending on the project, I interact with scientists, engineers, project managers, validation, quality, analytical, and many more. It has been a great learning opportunity to get to see all of the different facets of a project and the site that are needed in order to make it successful.

What opportunities for growth and development does the company offer to you?

There are a lot of training opportunities within our Birmingham site and Evonik overall. I have been able to grow technically with six sigma, root cause, and on-the-job training, along with soft skills such as communication and leadership training.

What’s one thing you learned/surprised you about working with a culturally diverse group?

I have loved getting to work with co-workers and clients from not only all around the US, but around the world as well. I have learned a lot about different cultures and how to adapt to different customs and communication styles. My department alone speaks over 10 different languages!

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