Meet the Team
November 30, 2022

Eric, Business Manager for High Performance Polymers 

Eric is passionate about the career opportunities, he experienced at Evonik after he graduated at the Tongji University, China. Currently he is responsible for the consumer product business of the high-performance polymer line in Asia Pacific and enjoys the great team spirit.  

Learn more about Eric! Find the full interview on Youtube.

I am Xia Muhan.

My colleagues call me Eric.

I am probably one of many Erics here.

I graduated from Tongji University in 2016 and started at Evonik as a trainee.

Currently, I am responsible for the consumer goods business of the high-performance polymer sector in the Asia-Pacific region.

As the name suggests, it is about polymer products with unique performance and high-tech value.

Our clients are not limited to high-tech companies from industries like automotive and aerospace.

Our products are in our daily life as well. For example, in high-performance running shoes and high-end glasses. We also serve these industries.

When I joined Evonik in 2016, I was a technical trainee. But at Evonik, trainees rotate between different departments. So, my first station was in marketing. Then, I went to supply chain.

After two rotations, I found I am a better fit for sales & marketing work. So, my third position is with sales, and I've stayed in my job till today.

First of all, I was introduced to many different industries during my rotation. So, I learned what these industries and departments are like.

Secondly, as I am in a business department, I've met lots of clients from different industries. This is a good chance for me to grow up.

As I see it, Evonik puts people front & center. It is pragmatic & stable.  Working here, I always feel energetic but not too stressful or exhausted.

Take my team as an example. We are busy every day with lots of meetings and aiming for high performance, but the atmosphere is good in our team.

We even play billiards at lunchtime or poker to help us relax and chill. So, I think it is a really comfortable environment.

I have finally become the kind of senior fellow I admired when I first joined Evonik.