Meet the Team
November 9, 2021


Love what you do!

My name is Giordano Bruno Zilli, I’m sixty years young, I’m married, and we have a daughter and a cat - so I live with a lot of females! We live in a little town near Milan, called Pandino. I’m very lucky because this is just five minutes away from where I work. In 1978 I graduated from high school where I studied industrial chemistry. My time with Evonik started in 2001 when I was working as a warehouse manager. The first and most important responsibility is the distribution of the flow of work in the warehouse.

This means that I organize the order of goods to be packed for shipment on the basis of the orders waiting. It’s very important for us not to deliver our goods late and they must be in good condition. Secondly, I’m the go-between my colleagues in the other department and the logistic team. Every day I receive requests from the orders department about general issues and I collaborate with my colleagues in order to improve customer satisfaction.

I´m interested in Japanese culture, Zen philosophy, tattoos and sports especially bodybuilding, football and basket. In my free time I like walking in the mountain, so I often go to the Swiss Alps. On my day off, my favorite way to spend it, is running to relax body and mind. Gym and Zazen, as the Zen meditation is called, makes the day perfect to me!

I have only one advice for young people that entering in the world of work: Love what you do, because if you do, it will never be work! Love what you do!