Meet the Team
November 9, 2021


Tell us about your role at Evonik.

I work in the Asia Research Hub as a chemist in the synthesis department. My job focuses on the synthesis of polymers which can be used as dispersing additives, adhesion promoters, as well as on the synthesis of silicon-hybrid resins.

What do you like most about your role?

What I like the most is the flexibility of my job. I can decide the synthesis route of the polymer and its testing method upon discussion with my manager. Every day is different to the day before.

What does innovation mean to you and how does Evonik support you in terms of innovation?

To me, innovation means not being afraid to try new things when needed. With some new ideas, which can be derived from patents, articles and discussions with colleagues, I can try these possibilities out in the lab and see whether they are workable or not. Recently my department decided to develop silicon-hybrid based materials in the Singapore lab in order to support a project on functional coatings, and I will be responsible for the synthesis of silicon-hybrid resins. This is quite a new idea. So the company sent me to Essen, Germany, to have one month of training in Evonik’s labs. During this trip, I learned quite a lot of different chemistry. At the same time I also experienced the different culture and lifestyle in Germany.

What does “Opportunity” at Evonik mean to you?

To me, “opportunity” at Evonik means that I have the chance to meet with different experts from different backgrounds. I can also have a lot of opportunities to get professional training on my daily work. In addition, “opportunity” at Evonik means the nature of our work is changeable when needed. We have a wide range of different job functions at Evonik. After working in one position, an employee can request to change to another position in order to gain more knowledge.