Meet the Team
January 18, 2023

Hema talks about a 20-years career in Singapore with Evonik

With a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hema started her career at Evonik Singapore in 2002 where she found opportunities for business and personal growth and developed a clear view on how chemicals can support sustainability.

Interview with Dr. Hema Ravishankar

Question: what does the world misunderstand about chemicals?

Hema answers: in today’s world, the buzzwords are organic, natural, and non-synthetic, so often the word chemicals is misunderstood that they are in conflict with these words.

But in reality, chemicals whether non-synthetic or synthetic, what’s important is sustainability. What is this carbon footprint? What is it used for? How it contributes to the green world?

Question: what was your happiest moment at Evonik?

Hema answers: I have been in Evonik for 20 years, so there have been many happy moments. But something I remember was in our Methionine plant in Singapore.

This was the moment the commissioning was completed and truckloads of Methionine, 20 tonnes of containers of Methionine left the plant, and all of us as a team were cheering and looking at it. That was a moment for me.

Question: why did you join Evonik?

Hema answers: I joined Evonik in 2002 and this was for an innovation project for healthcare and towards the pharmaceutical industry, and 20 years have gone by, and no looking back.

In Evonik, I found new opportunities to create business, opportunities to build relationships, and opportunities for personal growth as well.

So looking forward to the next few years.