Meet the Team
November 9, 2021


In his story, Javier talks about the challenges he faces in his day-to-day work as a sales manager. He describes the valuable experience he has gained through his work and how the Group promotes personal development.  

I joined as Distribution Chief to manage the regulations that apply to the warehouse regarding transport. I  supervise the transport suppliers in an open way and communicate the legal requirements they need to follow in accordance with our  internal requirements as well as those of the customers.

The biggest challenge is meeting all the different requirements for each customer, product, safety and presentation of products. We need to work with our internal customers to ensure the positive impact is reflected to our external customer too; our focus is always on the client.

Something I learned at Evonik is that  intercultural exchange is always a good experience. I visited the US for training and the paradigms break once you share experience, time and moments with people from other countries. I enjoyed this experience because you get to know what other countries are doing, what technologies we have around the world and to know there is support and access to different tools of Evonik.

As Distribution Chief, I like to share all I know with my direct and  indirect team, I think it is mutually beneficial for them to be informed. Leadership is not just for managers at Evonik, the company always lets you develop your skills as much as you want to. Evonik is a world full of opportunities, that’s why the people stay in Evonik for a long time, the company considers a loop of human development—recognizing and developing its people from within the company. When you are in a company with these values, you are an ambassador of the culture. One of my practices is to say “thank you” to my team for the daily effort and performance.