Meet the Team
November 9, 2021


Karin, Team Manager in Quality Management and Innovation, Global IT Services, talks about opportunities.

Professional development is important to me. And quite soon, I’m moving to Singapore to advance my career. It’s a big step for me and also for our whole family.

Since I finished my business administration and industrial engineering degree, I have been working in IT. It’s an exciting and dynamic field and one of the key pillars of a globally networked company. IT application management has always been my area of expertise. Developing solutions for customers is a challenging task, especially on a global level.

Is IT a male-dominated field? No, it’s more a question of personality, know-how, and your ability to drive projects. During my career so far, I have always had great support from my managers and, with the help of flexibility from all sides, I have never lost sight of the career goals I set for myself. You need, of course, team spirit among your colleagues and a dynamic network. Especially in an era of increasing digitalization, “digital natives” play a key role and I really appreciate the opportunity to share experiences and ideas. The close collaboration with the Evonik segments also provides daily motivation and enables continuous learning. I am sure that in Singapore too, team spirit and my curiosity to learn new things will be the key to successful projects!