Meet the Team
November 9, 2021


My name is Katharina and I am in the 2nd year of my apprenticeship as a chemical technician at the Rheinfelden location. After graduating from secondary school, I first decided to train as a hairdresser. After 10 exciting years of professional experience, I felt that it was time for a new challenge.

In the hairdressing trade and in chemistry, the right mix ratio is important. What connection do you see between the two professions? Have you found the right mixing ratio at Evonik?

As a hairdresser as well as a chemical technician, the issue of occupational safety is very important. Likewise, you work in a team in both professions and you must be able to rely on your colleagues -trusting them blindly. I have definitely found the right mix at Evonik because I was given the new challenge I wanted. My expectations were even exceeded, I have a lot of fun at work and met great people.

 What motivated you to change your job?

I wanted to set myself new goals for the future, to develop myself further, to train myself and to combine this in a career change. It took me a lot of courage to apply at Evonik, but my brother, who has been working at the plant for 15 years, completely convinced me to take this step. Now I can say it was the best decision!

What would you advise other people who are faced with such a similar decision?

Personally, I have never regretted it and would do it again anytime. That's why I advise, if you would like to have a change in your life - just DO! It's fun, exciting, motivating and lets you gain new experiences, which will always bring you further in life.

You work at the Rheinfelden location. What do you personally like about the city and the region? What makes the Rheinfelden location so special?

I personally like to be in nature. The Upper Rhine offers a varied landscape and is known for the many hours of sunshine a year that you can enjoy. I also like the idyllic villages and the quaint restaurants where you can eat deliciously. The Rheinfelden location is in the tri-border area and is characterized above all by its network: The south and north parts of the plant are closely connected with each other in terms of energy and raw materials, which I find very interesting. The location is right on the Rhine, so it is beautifully situated.

What do you value about Evonik as a training company and as an employer?

I like the quality of the training and the concept behind it. Likewise, the fact that the trainees over 18 can also work in shifts, which strengthens the team spirit. In addition, we are entrusted with independent work from the very beginning. What I also appreciate about Evonik as an employer is that great importance is attached to the health and protection of employees.