Meet the Team
November 9, 2021


Kilian, you've been with the company for several years now. What do you think: What distinguishes Evonik as an employer? What distinguishes us from the others?

In addition to the many social benefits Evonik offers, this is above all our culture. Over the decades, our social partnership has enabled us to develop an open workforce that is seldom found in other company. Evonik offers the framework and opportunities for everyone to participate and, if barriers exist, we try to remove them together.

Is inclusion lived at Evonik? If yes, how?

First of all, I would like to emphasize one thing: When we talk about inclusion at Evonik, we don't mean integration. Integration also focuses on participation, but this participation is seen as something special. Inclusion means that it goes without saying that every part is part of the whole. No matter what skin colour. No matter whether man or woman or divers. No matter what nationality. AND no matter whether someone has restrictions or not.

How are people with disabilities included in the company?

Evonik not only gives everyone the space they need for their development, but also consciously promotes it. This takes courage. I could report on a number of cases of successful inclusion from various sites here. But I like to avoid emphasizing that, because it should be normal. After all, it goes without saying that people should be able to share in Evonik's success, with or without restrictions, and be given the opportunity to position themselves in the world of work and contribute their share to the company's success. Approximately 9 percent of our workforce is recognized as severely disabled or equivalent. They are a normal part of the workforce and can be found at all hierarchical levels.

How do you rate inclusion at Evonik?

From time to time, some of us lack the courage to seek creative solutions. In everyday life, sometimes only the problems associated with it are seen. But we see problems as a challenge: we want to create a win-win situation for everyone involved - regardless of whether they are balance sheets, customers or colleagues. We work together to successfully shape inclusion at Evonik. For me, this is real #HumanChemistry!