Meet the Team
November 9, 2021


My first steps as a Controlling Trainee at Evonik

It's been almost 6 months since I joined Evonik as a Controlling Trainee and I'm very happy with it! Although I ended up here more or less by coincidence. 

When I started looking for jobs during my last master's semester, I stumbled across Evonik's job advertisement on a graduate portal. The chemical industry never was in my focus and Evonik as an employer was also rather unknown to me. However, the prospect of an insight into various finance functions within 15 months and an assignment abroad sounded so interesting that I simply sent an application. 

I was very pleased to receive an invitation to the Assessment Center shortly after. Nevertheless, I was sceptical as to whether such a company was the right thing for me. As a result, I drove to the Assessment Center without any expectations or hopes. The fact that I ultimately decided on this position was due to three things. On the one hand, I found the atmosphere during the assessment center very pleasant. Plus, the detailed feedback the next day about my performance in the exercises gave me the feeling that I had really been seen and understood as a human being. And thirdly, the people in charge of the program took a lot of time to show me my opportunities for development at Evonik and explain to me the importance of the trainee program within the company.

I am now in my third station and I get along very well. I really enjoy the variety and diversity I experience on my way through the company. From my point of view, the value of the trainee program is that I can look at Evonik's financial processes from different angles and get to know the company as a whole. I automatically meet a lot of people in different positions who all take the time to talk to me and answer my questions, tell me about their career paths, or show me opportunities for the time after the trainee program. I also get a lot of support from two mentors, a buddy, the HR supervisor and the entire alumni community of Controlling Trainees. But of course, not everything runs by itself. Initiative and flexibility are essential if you want to take full advantage of the opportunities offered.

I myself am very curious to see what else awaits me in the trainee program over the next few months and what opportunities will arise afterwards.