Meet the Team
November 9, 2021


Can you share with us your main responsibility as laboratory chemist?

My main responsibility is to visit our customers and advise them on introducing our products. Our aim is to find new solutions or, in some cases, to develop a solution or new product application in our laboratory.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

What I enjoy most about my work at Evonik is introducing new applications and technologies to our customers to improve or enhance their final products, adding value in a way that meets their needs through the use of our specialty products.

What does #HumanChemistry mean to you?

#HumanChemistry reminds me that I am part of the world’s leading specialty chemicals company — a company that cares for the human side of its employees, putting human needs before business. That means that Evonik stands firmly behind the efforts of every team member, so that being the global leader in our field is a cooperative endeavor. Personally, I feel glad to be part of that.

What does innovation mean at Evonik?

Change — in every sense of the word – is a constant at Evonik, and that’s what innovation is: making changes that introduce new features, modify elements, or create new ones — always with an eye to improvement and renewal for a better future.

Can you share an opportunity you had that you translated into success in your professional career at Evonik?

When I joined Evonik, I had a lot of enthusiasm but I hadn’t had any experience with the product that I needed to manage. Despite that, the company gave me the opportunity to be part of the team, and in a very short time I learned how to manage our products correctly thanks to all of the technologies and teamwork we have in Evonik.

What is the meaning of “Power to create”?

Power means knowledge, and all of us have knowledge, so we have power. If you extend this idea to Evonik, it means that we have the power to create solutions for our internal or external customers, addressing day-to-day challenges and needs, and always doing our best to resolve them.

Can you tell us what working on a team at Evonik has been like for you?

At Evonik, all of us around the world work together like the gears in a clock, where everybody knows what to do and what their role is. But we never forget to consider the human factor, no matter what your position is, what country you’re from, or any other aspect of who you are — we always try to help each other so that each gear can work as efficiently as possible.