Meet the Team
September 23, 2021


Nico started his apprenticeship as an industrial technician at the Evonik site in Hanau in 2019. In his People Story, he tells more about his experiences and what particularly inspires him about his apprenticeship.

Why did you decide in favor of an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic at Evonik?

Some of my family members work at Evonik and even my grandfather worked for the company back in the Degussa days! That's why I've always had a connection to the company and a positive impression of the apprenticeship. I applied at Evonik because I was attracted by the diversity and variety of the tasks of an industrial mechanic. Additionally, I wanted to start a very well-respected apprenticeship in this career field.

You started your apprenticeship in 2019 - what comes to your mind when you think about your beginnings in the company?

At the beginning of the apprenticeship, all apprentices travelled to Herbstein in Hessen and stayed a few days to get to know each other. The group consisted of new apprentices from all areas, the supervisors and members of the youth and apprentice representatives. By doing games together, we got to know each other better and playfully learned something about the Evonik Group and its products. After that, our daily training routine started with a basic metal course and other courses in the training building, which were interesting and fun. Unfortunately, the Corona virus averted our plans, because we were in the home office for almost two months due to the pandemic. In order to bridge this time sensibly, we were given tasks and learned certain subjects, at least in theory. When we could finally move on to the practical phases, in my opinion the really exciting part of the training began.

How is the apprenticeship structured and what do you like most about it?

During the first year of the apprenticeship, you are in the training building most of the time. Everything starts with the basic metal course and is followed by further subject-specific courses, which are conducted by our supervisor. Towards the end of the first year, you start working in different departments and participate in daily operations. Afterwards, in the second year of the apprenticeship, the preparation for the “Teilabschlussprüfung” (partial final examination) follows, which is also done in the training building by our supervisor. Until the next exam preparation phase, the apprentices go through subject-specific departments.

What I personally like about the training as an industrial mechanic is that it is never boring or monotonous. The work is very diverse and exciting. You always learn something new and during the three and a half years in the company, the apprentices can expect a varied training period. I’m a hands-on-person and I really like seeing the results of my work at the end and being proud of them.

What do you particularly like about Hanau and the Evonik site?

Hanau is multicultural and you get in contact with many different people and nationalities, which is very inspiring. This is also reflected in Hanau's city centre, where you can find an extensive selection of delicious food. Since many apprentices come from nearby, we have a good exchange in the training and during the years, we can also meet in private.