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April 18, 2024

Sanjanaa's Role as Head of Data & Bioinformatics Platform

Sanjanaa, Head of Data & Bioinformatics Platform in Singapore, and her team develop epigenetic solutions for the biopharma industry and early disease monitoring.


Sanjanaa, let's have a look into the future — what impact do you think your work in epigenetics could have?   

Epigenetics based technology opens up new insights for solutions and gives consumers transparency and efficiency! For example, with epigenetics we have been able to decipher the rearing conditions, slaughter style (Halal) and country of origin of livestock.  

Our current work is focused on developing epigenetic solutions for process improvement in biopharma and on early disease monitoring that have the potential to revolutionize these fields. 

You are working in bioinformatics, which combines the best of two worlds  — please share a bit about your career path, Sanjanaa!  

I joined Evonik in 2020 as a computational biologist as a part of a two-person team; I established the infrastructure and know-how for the epigenetics platform. Explaining the concepts of epigenetics to people of diverse backgrounds has been interesting and valuable to me. 

Evonik, being a specialty chemicals company, may not seem like the most conventional choice for a bioinformatician; nonetheless, my experience here has been great. I have witnessed exciting innovation within Creavis, Evonik’s strategic innovation and business incubator, which has made my time at Evonik rewarding.  

Setting-up and managing the bioinformatics platform has been a tremendous opportunity for learning and growth. I have gained a deeper understanding of science in a business context, and I have been able to manage and develop my team with more emphasis on business needs and requirements. I am fortunate to be part of a team that values innovation and personal development and I look forward to continuing my career and taking advantage of opportunities beyond my current area of expertise. 

Singapore stands for innovation in many ways. How does that affect you?   

The epigenetics and bioinformatics platform in Singapore started in 2020. As a pioneer member of the group, establishing all the necessary processes and collaborations for this topic was both interesting and challenging for me in the beginning. 

Evonik’s hybrid work system has been a great opportunity to balance my work and my personal life as a new mother. I have the option of working from home or coming into the office as needed, which allows me to manage my time better and be more productive.   

What does „Be Part of Something Special“ mean to you?

Being part of a team or organization that is doing something unique, innovative, or impactful. It means working towards a common goal that is meaningful and fulfilling, and being part of a community that shares your values and vision for the future. 

Job title Head of Data & Bioinformatics Platform

Based Singapore

Division/Function Innovation

Joined Evonik 2020

Education Applied Epigenetics