Meet the Team
November 9, 2021


Susanne is head of the environmental protection and waste disposal department at the Rheinfelden site. In her People Story, she reveals the importance of her job for her privately and how she can best relax after work.

Susanne, after your studies you worked for a large foundry for a long time. Why did you change and come to Evonik at the Rheinfelden site?

Aside from the fact that at some point, there is always the time for a change, I have several good reasons for this. Because of my hobbies, whitewater kayaking and climbing, the location in the border triangle was not insignificant for me. I got to know and love the region around Rheinfelden in the years before my move. With the whitewater canal around the corner in Huningue, rivers in the Black Forest, Switzerland in proximity and the mountains within sight, this region was my dream destination. When a position as head of environmental protection was advertised at Evonik in Rheinfelden, I didn't have to think twice. This was an ideal way to combine the professional change with my private preferences.

What's your best way to relax after work?

I've always been drawn to the outdoors. I can switch off best in nature, whether hiking, climbing, biking or kayaking.

You are Head of Environmental Protection and Waste Disposal at Evonik. What is the significance of your area of responsibility for you as a person?

In my private life I spend a lot of time in nature. That is why protecting the environment and the topic of sustainability have always been a matter close to my heart. Because in the end, an intact environment is an asset - it ultimately makes life worth living. In my job, I can among other things help to protect the environment through my responsibility at the site for wastewater analyzes, emission measurements, compliance with limit values or compliance with emission control law and water law permits. Not to forget the issue of safety - both for people and for the environment - which is our top priority at the Rheinfelden site.

In terms of sport, you have already gained a lot of different experiences. Is there any sport left that you still want to try out?

Currently, I'm looking forward to being able to practice my sports again. There was little room for this during the corona pandemic. I can't think of any sports that I “still want to try out” now. Last year, I tried paddling with the Pack Raft and discovered snowshoeing for myself in winter. The region offers countless possibilities, let's see what comes next.

Which Evonik location would you like to visit and why?

For example, the locations in Finland would appeal to me.