Meet the Team
June 26, 2024

Sustainable Recruitment and Social Responsibility: Our Focus

Evonik's Special Sourcing team offers comprehensive support for sustainable recruitment, prioritizing individuals and combining social projects with personnel acquisition.

What is the focus of your work?

Our work centers around Corporate Social Responsibility, where we provide our candidates with comprehensive and long-term advice and support to recruit skilled workers sustainably outside of the standard process. We facilitate connections between people and organizations, such as through regional labor markets, while promoting cultural diversity. We take responsibility and contribute to the positive impact of Evonik on the environment and society.

What makes your work so special?
Our work is both special and important as we prioritize PEOPLE. We take individual life situations into consideration and provide support to help people achieve their professional goals. We are flexible and find creative solutions to tackle even the most challenging obstacles. Moreover, we combine our social projects with personnel recruitment to enhance the diversity, sustainability and competitiveness of Evonik.

What competencies do you need in your team?

For our work, empathy, reliability, commitment and perseverance are particularly important. Each member of our team brings unique strengths, expertise, and perspectives, and together we are an unbeatable force.

How do you define the success of your work?

Our success is not limited to numbers or KPIs, as we measure our success by the opportunities we create for people - both within and outside of Evonik. We provide career advice, application training, and promote the integration of refugees, among other initiatives. Additionally, we contribute to the company's success by supporting the filling of hard-to-fill positions through our networks and "Regional Labor Markets". Our work strengthens the corporate identity and thus contributes to Evonik's social responsibility.

What does #PartofSomethingSpecial mean to you?

We see ourselves as #PartofSomethingSpecial. We work closely with other areas and together we create something special.

A special thanks to the entire team: Andreas, Eun-Ok, Sondra, Verena and Kim!