Meet the Team
May 28, 2024

Wei Bao – Head of Division Controlling APAC

Learn about how Wei Bao started in consulting and has now become the Head of Controlling in Shanghai.

What quality do you value most in yourself?  

Honesty, bravery, no double standards.

What is your favorite movie?  

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. 

What sport do you like?


Where do you like to travel?  

Skye Island in Scotland and the Alps.

Do you like shopping? 

As an ENTJ, I don't want to pay for brands. I even purchase fabrics myself from UK and have tailors make them. 

What is your motto?  

Nec temere, nec timide 

Could you please describe your career experience? And why did you join in Evonik? 

Although I hold a Ph.D. in chemistry, I haven't done a day of R&D after graduation. My first job was at a consulting firm where I primarily focused on the chemical industry's strategy and mergers and acquisitions. Through conducting due diligence for private equity firms and multinational corporations, I gained extensive industry knowledge and experience. While the learning curve was steep during the first couple of years in consulting, I gradually became more comfortable with the work. As a result, I felt it was time to move on to the next phase of my career. 

Due to project requirements, I had the opportunity to work with Evonik and other chemical companies during my three-year career in consulting. Impressed by Evonik's great reputation in the industry, I joined the company in 2021, starting with business development, and am now leading finance and strategy for a specific business unit in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Why did you join a consulting firm after graduation? 

Their offer was indeed attractive, and the job was located in the CBD. Additionally, the consulting industry doesn't require a specific major, and the fast-paced environment allows for learning many new things and gaining the ability to make better choices in the future.

What does "Be Part of Something Special" mean to you? Are there any specific events or people that make you feel special? 

I believe ‘Be part of something special’ means moving away from individualism and recognizing the strengths and talents of team members, working together to create something special. Evonik is like a large and constantly updated library, where a new member can learn a lot, and the company has experts in various fields who are willing to openly answer your questions. The collision of different knowledge and experiences can create something special.


Job title Head of Division Controlling APAC

Based Shanghai

Division/Function Specialty Additives

Joined Evonik 2021

Education Ph.D. in chemistry