Tech Assist Growth

Leave your garden to itself, and weeds will appear in no time. It’s exactly the same with crops, animals and businesses. Without a helping hand, it’s less likely you’ll get the desired results.

A lot of Evonik products provide that helping hand—and not just in the agricultural sector. Our Alkoxides, for example, help in organic synthesis, from sealants and adhesives, light-emitting materials and fragrances and flavors, to pharmaceutical and healthcare ingredients, and polymer packaging. 

In fact, we’re the global market leader in alkoxides. How do we stay there? By making sure everyone with even the slightest sales involvement knows that close collaboration is our trademark, and by constantly seeking new solutions to clients’ ever-evolving challenges.

Technology can be a driving force in that collaboration. Our online Product Recommender helps clients choose the alkoxide that best suits their needs. And we also developed ChemEasy, an electronic sales platform that lets customers use daily price fluctuations to optimize their Alkoxides and Potassium Hydroxides (KOH) stocks and margins.

It’s not just our clients who benefit from these smart tools. Computers have no problem memorizing our 4,000 products, their characteristics and possible applications. This means our colleagues can focus on more interesting tasks. Creative or strategic tasks, for instance, that depend on human relationships.

As a big, global player, Evonik’s career opportunities suit people from every educational background and experience level. You’ll be amazed at the variety of roles involved with bringing just one product line, like alkoxides, to life. So why not use our job finder—another great online application—to help your career grow?





Commercial synthesis of sealants, adhesives for constructional applications, catalyst in light emitting materials, in fragrances and favors, for the synthesis of active ingredients in pharma and healthcare, and as a catalyst for polymer applications in packaging.


Evonik is the world's leading producer of alkoxides for the production of biodiesel. Evonik’s alkoxides also play an important role in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients that cure millions of people. Moreover, alkoxides from Evonik are used in the production of omega-3 fish oil concentrates.