Summer Internship (SPE) Program in the US

Looking for a summer internship at one of the leading Specialty Chemicals companies in the United States? Evonik's Summer Professional Enrichment (SPE) internship program could be a great opportunity for you.

How will Evonik's Summer Internship Program (SPE) help you develop your professional skills? 

Here at Evonik, we offer students, who are currently in the process of obtaining their bachelor's or graduate degree, an opportunity to gain valuable professional work experience at one of our locations throughout the United States. Some of the possible work locations include Piscataway, Allentown, Mobile, Janesville, Lafayette, Weston, Blair, Milton, and Etowah.

In the Summer Professional Enrichment (SPE) Program, students will be tasked with a regional project, which will focus on real-world business topics relevant to Evonik, and a final project, which will showcase their work during their 12 weeks in the program. 

This program provides students with the opportunity to meet members of Evonik’s North American Leadership Team (NALT), learn more about Evonik’s business portfolio and network with their peers through a virtual Let’s Connect Series. 

Benefits of joining Evonik's SPE internship program:

  • Gaining experience in a leading multinational company.
  • Working on real-world business topics.
  • Travel opportunity within the US.

Majors Accepted - Technical SPE intern:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Information Technology

Majors Accepted - Business SPE intern:

  • Supply Chain
  • Business Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing

Here are some examples of previous projects our SPE Interns have worked on.  


  • Developed production documentation such as procedures, P&IDs, and process descriptions 
  • Implemented direct scale-up and scale-down of chemical processes 
  • Assisted in facilitating Root Cause Analysis of safety incidents 
  • Conducted field testing of equipment to ensure its fit for service 

Research & Development 

  • Analyzed the viscosity of coatings at various shear rates using a rheometer and studied their particle size distribution to assess changes in the coatings’ properties 
  • Identified trends in data and drew conclusions to explain the behavior of various polymers 

Human Resources 

  • Supported launch of the new Employer Brand 
  • Consulted with program managers to aid in the reconstruction of the North American Career website

Top performing students may also have the opportunity, after they complete the program, to join one of Evonik’s rotational programs like the International Professional Rotational Enrichment Program (IPREP), the North America Rotational Engineering Program or the Process Technology & Engineering (ETAD).


When you work in specialty chemicals, you work across so many other sectors. From sustainable nutrition to healthcare solutions, from advanced food ingredients to membranes, from care solutions to additive manufacturing, you’ll play an essential part in helping the world’s most essential industries succeed. Because we see the big things in the smaller details. To create a bigger impact. For people and the planet.

For over a century, innovation at Evonik has enabled innovation elsewhere. We’ve helped the world’s leading companies create more sustainable, more efficient, more reliable products. So we’ll keep doing what we do best. And when you join Evonik, you’ll do it too.

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