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December 13, 2018


Proud supporter of #LABELicious next generation talent competition to mark Finat's 60th birthday celebration

To mark the celebration of its 60th anniversary, FINAT has launched its #LABELicious talent competition aimed at challenging the next generation of the European label industry to come up with the new innovation ideas in labeling – categories include: Smart, Intelligent and Multifunctional Labels; Brand Design; and Sustainability.

The competition’s objective is twofold. In addition, FINAT hopes to use the competition to increase the visibility of the label industry, promote the exciting professional challenges it offers, and also highlight the industry’s excellent career prospects to students and early career professionals aged between 18 and 25. Officially launching on 7 November 2018, participants will be able to submit their entries to the competition on the website, between 15 January 2019 and 15 May 2019. The early launch enables interested young professionals to prepare their ideas in due time, and can do this either individually or in the context of their professional education.

The relevance of reaching out to the next generation workforce is illustrated by the industry-wide, cross-European support for the project, and here at TEGO® RC Silicones we are proud to support this initiative through sponsoring the #LABELicious competition. Our membership of FINAT dates back over three decades and as a dedicated partner to the label industry, we also want to ensure that the next generation of talent is aware of the exciting career opportunities that our industry has to offer and want to attract the best people to come and work at Evonik.

As a business we are constantly looking to innovate and develop new technologies that not only help to serve our customers better, but are also more sustainable and have less impact on our environment too. It’s through innovation and working with talented people that we have become experts in UV curable silicone release systems for the PSA market. Our TEGO® RC Silicones help our customers to save money as they require less investment and less energy, plus linerless solutions create less waste and require less storage space, making them the ideal solution for all PSA applications.

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