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August 20, 2020

People Insights: Patrik

Patrik, an engineer in the process engineering department at Evonik, won the German Sustainability Award for Research 2016. In this People Insights, he tells how innovative and "inventive" he is in his spare time.

What idea has inspired you most recently?  

Recently, there has been increasing talk about alternative, green energy storage systems such as hydrogen. I am working on many electrolysis plants, where hydrogen is almost always a by-product, but unfortunately it is not used because the transport of hydrogen is very expensive. Now I am thinking about how to make the hydrogen from electrolysis more usable.  

Are you also innovative and "inventive" in your spare time?  

I live in an old railway attendant's house. In my spare time I renovate the old house and try to equip it with digital helpers. I also enjoy practical innovations in the garden, such as the lawn robot or an automatic sprinkler system

How do you start your working day?  

When I arrive at the office, I open the windows first, then I turn on the computer and get a coffee. Usually I have a chat with one or the other colleague before I get started. 

What positive event in your working life will still be on your mind in ten years' time?   

With our working group, we won the German Sustainability Award 2016 in the research category with a "high-performance process for thermoelectric energy converters". I was particularly pleased to receive the personal congratulations of our Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Director, Mr. Thomas Wessel. The award ceremony took place in Düsseldorf and many stars were present. To our surprise, we stood in the foyer of the festival hall as VIPs with Nicolas Cage and the Fanta Vier and some other personalities from film and television. 

Which Evonik site did you always want to visit?  

I would like to visit Singapore.  

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