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July 23, 2020

People Insights: Una

Una is working in the department of governmental affairs in Shanghai. In this People Insights Interview, Una talks about her most grateful moments, her travel soul and whith who she would take her lunch with.

What are you currently reading or which TV shows you are following? 


Are there some interesting ideas you recently heard that inspired you?  

Everything happened should be a good thing in the end. If it doesn’t seem like so, you must be still on the way there. 

What character of yours you cherished the most?  

Be content and be grateful for things. 

What are you most grateful for at the moment? 

The great support from my parents on taking care of my kid. 

On what area of your life you would like to spend time on, visa versa, what would be the least favorite area you do not want to waste time on?  

I prefer not to spend time worrying about the uncertain things, I’d rather spend my time on those which make myself and people around happy.

Since entering the workforce, what things or person influenced you the most?  

There was once a coach at work who told me that I am doing a good job at being myself.  What she said always reminds me of staying true to myself when I need to make a big decision.  

Suppose tomorrow morning when you wake up, you will be given a superpower, what you wish to have?  

Superpower to take control of time, so that I can strike a better balance between life and work. 

If in a world where you could bid for anyone’s time for their lunch, who would that person be? 

Model Lü Yan. I would like to ask her if she could make her own choice, which one does she prefer:  to be a controversial celebrity in appearance, or an ordinary beautiful lady in the eyes of the public?  

If asked for a spontaneous trip, what would be the destination?  

Tahiti. A trip to “Heaven on Earth” must be a memorable experience in my life. 

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