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August 10, 2021

#WhyWeDoIt - Zahra

In today’s #WhyWeDoIt story we introduce to you Zahra. Besides her job at Evonik and her life task of being a mother of two kids, she is also an active mentor of our internal initiative Young Spirit.

Young Spirit aims to get kids excited for the subjects of natural sciences by doing experimentation lessons in preschools, day-care-centers and schools. What is characterized as the joy of sitting at one table and exploring new things in a team, got complicated during the pandemic. How she manages this difficult situation and what drives her to keep the Young Spirit activities alive, you can find out in her Story.

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Job Shadowing – What does that mean and why is it important? Basically, the principle is not new; The aim is to give young professionals an insight into the everyday work of colleagues who have been in professional life for some time. For this Purpose, the young professional follows the more experienced colleague for a day as if they were their shadow – hence the expression "job shadowing".