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July 25, 2022

Women in STEM

Evonik supports women in STEM. The acronym stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In the past, most of those fields were dominated by men, even though some of humanity’s greatest achievements and discoveries in STEM fields have been made by women.

Evonik supports a diverse company where everybody feels welcome and can tap into his or her full potential. Therefore, we actively encourage women to join us on our journey for more women in science. In this article, you are going to find information about some of our programs and methods to reach our goal.

Gender Equality & active support

Whether you just graduated, looking for a traineeship or simply trying to make the next step on your career path: Here at Evonik you will find chances on every career level and in any profession, but this is just a small part of our work for more women in STEM.

We have also implemented numerous measures to promote female employees, such as networking events and mentoring and development programs.  In addition, we created special programs for better compatibility of family and work. Those changes are important to make careers in STEM more accessible and attractive for women.

Another important activity is our work for young female students. As a diverse company, we want to promote careers in STEM from a very young age and help young people discover their talents for science, mathematics, technology, and engineering in school and help them access a career via our apprenticeship- or graduate programs.

For example, we are a corporate partner of FEMTEC which is a network for highly qualified, tech-savvy, and committed women with an academic background in STEM subjects and those interested in STEM. The core FEMTEC career-building program we are supporting prepares female STEM students for professional practice and the fascinating challenges of tomorrow’s world of work. The one-year-long program offers special training for developing communication, leadership, and management skills. It also supports the scholars with individual consulting and mentoring for internships and entering the job market.

We create solutions

Science, mathematics, engineering, and technology are some of the biggest growing fields in the global economy and the foundation of our future. Here at Evonik, you have a safe job, that will contribute to a better tomorrow and the opportunity to solve real-world problems and create an impact on every level.

Making the next step with you

Through our research, education, and mentoring programs, we create career opportunities for everyone interested in jobs in STEM – but this does not work without you!

Go to our job portal now and check our job offers online and make your choice!

If you have any questions about working as a woman in the STEM sector at Evonik, contact us via – we’ll be happy to answer your questions!