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August 10, 2023


Nils - A student in Employer Branding

Nils studies International Marketing with a focus on German and French. Since 2021, he has enriched the employer branding team as a student. Get to know how he uses challenges to grow personally.

Nils, a student in Employer Branding
Nils, a student in Employer Branding
Nils, a student in Employer Branding
Nils, a student in Employer Branding
Nils, a student in Employer Branding
Nils, a student in Employer Branding

Hello everyone,

From university to a large international corporation – For me, this was a challenging, rewarding and very interesting experience! My name is Nils and I am studying International Marketing as a double degree program at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and the Université de Haute-Alsace.

What brought me to Evonik? Between my bachelor's and master's degrees, I wanted to gain first work experience and combine my main areas of study in human resources and marketing. That's why I started my journey in employer branding at Evonik in March 2021.

My responsibilities as an intern? Making coffee, copying and sorting documents – were tasks I did just for myself! From day 1, I was warmly welcomed into the team and involved in important activities and projects. During my internship, I was able to take on a variety of different tasks in an international and interdisciplinary environment.

My personal highlights:

  • Conducting award pitches
  • Representing Evonik at career fairs
  • Video shoots in the Green Screen Studio
  • Leading the Students@Evonik community

The 6 months of internship flew by. After that, it was clear to me: I have found my dream employer! All the greater was the joy of staying with the company as a working student and being able to write my master's thesis at Evonik after a semester abroad.

Varied, innovative and fulfilling – that's how I feel about working in employer branding. Let me give you a concrete example: Most recently, we redefined our employer identity. This summarizes what candidates and employees can expect from Evonik as an employer.

So just write some appealing marketing texts? No, at Evonik the focus is on the employee! In line with our new employer promise "Be Part of Something Special", colleagues from various locations were involved in the process right from the start.

My tasks: Conducting workshops for multinational target groups, developing promotional products with the new creative concept and co-organizing a week to introduce the new employer brand to Evonik employees. This involved the coordination of external service providers and agencies, communication measures via different formats and internal stakeholder management.

My key takeaway from the project? Don't shy away from challenges but use them to grow personally – together as a team, everything is possible!

Despite my great time in employer branding, I am already looking forward to the next challenge. Starting in October, I will continue my learning journey through the HR world at Evonik as a trainee and get to know different departments.




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