Meet the Team
March 13, 2024

Eloise – Claim Strategy and Scientific Marketing Manager 

Eloise is Claim Strategy Manager for the newly opened Skin Institute in Singapore. In her story, she shares the importance of scientific deep dives to convince customers and consumers.  

What makes you so passionate about skincare?

Today, skincare is not just about looking beautiful, it's about being healthy! People are becoming more health conscious, they understand that their skin is completely connected to their body, and they want to actively manage their wellbeing.

I always knew I wanted to work in the health and care field. My professional background as an engineer, experienced in working in R&D and scientific communication, is key to help people, colleagues and customers and to deep dive into the science of skincare!  

The opening of the Skin Institute in Singapore – what does it mean for Evonik and its customers?

We are entering a new level of interaction with our customers! The needs of our customers are at the heart of everything we do. It will help us to optimize and expand our range of active ingredients, to become even more efficient, to meet their expectations and to co-innovate.

More than ever, our customers are science-driven, they want to dream with us by creating innovative concepts, but they also need solid evidence. This new department will help us bring together our skin science capabilities to work closely with our applied innovation, business development and marketing teams on active ingredients positioning and claim substantiation.  

What makes the new Skin Institute the “place to be” for people?

It’s definitely the international dimension and the network of skin experts! It’s also a human environment where people listen to each other and where family friendliness is more than just a buzzword. We need people who are curious and want to see the potential beyond their CV.

We offer an open atmosphere and encourage people to open the discussion with new ideas. We are establishing a scientific board of experts and empowering our people to continually grow and learn, for example by attending conferences.  

Is there anything else you would like to share about being a good team?

In a team, everyone can add value! “Something special“ is when the team is much more than just the sum of its members! And always remember: try to be kind, it is free and always helpful! 

Job title Claim Strategy and Scientific Marketing Manager for Evonik Care Solutions 

Based Meyrargues near Aix-en-Provence, France 

Division/Function Nutrition & Care

Joined Evonik 2022

Education Engineer with a background in Biology