Meet the Team
March 4, 2024

groW – Inspiring Women of the Global Women's Network

In this interview, members of the women’s network share how groW is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth and how it creates something special by sharing knowledge and trust.

How has the groW women's network developed? 

groW: We started out as regional site teams, but thanks to our ESN community and the increasing digitalisation of our events, our network has become bigger, more diverse and more international. Colleagues use our platform to get information or to promote their own topics - we think that's great! 

Why have you been with groW for so long? What motivates you? 

groW: groW, the women's network and our vision to grow together are a matter close to our hearts. Participation is voluntary and we develop the topics out of conviction. We decide what we work on and how much time we invest. groW takes up topics that have less weight and visibility than others. We know that we have made the right choice, when topics become firmly established in people's minds. This is how former "fringe issues" become visible!  

What makes Evonik so special for you? 

groW: Evonik gives us the opportunity to shape - to a certain extent - which topics we want to drive forward and where we want to get involved. (#jobcrafting) This creative opportunity creates a deep connection to the company and to what we do. It makes us feel like we can make an impact. Working with groW is a subject close to our hearts that we have chosen. When we  identify with our work and contribute our strengths, it increases our well-being - but also our performance in the company. Evonik thus creates a working environment in which we can develop personally and professionally. 

If you could name one thing you are particularly passionate about, what would it be? 

groW: We are passionate about our mentoring programs! What a joy it is when we successfully match a mentor with a mentee and see how the two fit together and create a special bond that we can support as a network. We share our knowledge to make a real contribution to everyone involved. Mentoring is an opportunity to help others while growing and learning new skills yourself. This incredible community "is something special" and fills us with joy and pride! 

Looking back: How has the network changed you? 

groW: We have received so much support and met great people that we would never have met without groW. A fundamental part of groW's self-image is networking - the exchange across hierarchies, national borders and all areas – as well as mutual appreciation and support.  

Many thanks to our groW members Dolores, Susanne, Petra, Ingrid, Cindy, Denisa, Julia, Simone, Eun-Ok and Julia for their valuable insights!