Meet the Team
March 6, 2024

groW Part II

Insights of Inspiring Women

In this interview, members of the global women's network share how groW has contributed to the empowerment and support of women over the past eleven years.

 Why are you convinced that the work of the women's network creates value? 

groW: groW moves topics forward and leads to results that we can be proud of: Networks, mentoring, our visibility in the Diversity Council and also with the Executive Board. We use these levers to help colleagues to find their strengths. Many joined Evonik in 2021 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and were unable to network in the "normal" way.

The women's network was immediately inviting. Cross-functional and cross-divisional exchange is very important in an innovative company, and the network lives this to the full. Through groW, we were able to inform ourselves. Now, as core team members, we are working hard to ensure that everyone benefits from what groW has to offer - and that we all excel! 

What does that look like?

groW: In addition to personal networking and mentoring, we offer event formats for larger and smaller groups to exchange ideas, get to know each other and network or as a platform for many (group related) topics. In the popular “Coffee-in-the-cloud” format, topics from everyday working life are presented briefly, but with room for questions.

Participants get to know managers and their CVs in a relaxed and very personal after-work setting. We also introduce new topics, such as agile working, discuss them in small groups and share experiences. The keen interest of our colleagues inspires us to continue to find new topics and experts. 

Tell us more about groW!

groW: The great thing about groW is that we really work together across Evonik. This always opens up new perspectives - which is very helpful, especially when you start your career. You can benefit from the experience and knowledge of other areas and contribute your own expertise. It's also great to challenge yourself and try out new things, because you know that competent support from the network is never far away. 

How did you celebrate groW's 10th anniversary?

groW: One highlight was taking over the Evonik’s Instagram account. On International Women's Day, we gave some insights into our network: Who we are, what we do and how everyone can get involved with us. It's great to see how groW is gaining more reach and continuing to grow!

Thank you for your insights, Manuela, Julie, Claudia, Ursula, Jule, Natascha, Andrea, Marie and Katharina!