Meet the Team
April 9, 2024

Katrin – Business Development Manager for Catalysts

Katrin is a Business Development Manager for Catalysts in Life Science & Fine Chemicals. She is close to both innovation and customers and she appreciates the potential without limits in her career.

Could you tell us about your current role at Evonik and what brought you to this position?

My focus is on our customer markets, supporting the sales team, identifying global trends and generating new businesses. In this role I have many interfaces to manage internally as well as externally with customers, applications, product lines and technical experts – to name just a few.

I want to achieve not only to maintain but grow and strengthen the Catalysts business in the marketplace. Visiting key players in the different industries and creating dialogues to create customer value and solutions for customer needs, is what I like most.  I can't get enough of networking and helping customers reach their goals.

I’m driven by my curiosity to learn new things and to connect the right people with expertise. It gives me a lot when everyone sits around the 'virtual' table and realizes that everyone can contribute a piece of the puzzle and we can come up with really great solutions for a particular customer.

How do you feel you’re contributing to something special?

At Catalysts I can make a full contribution. What's great about business development is that I can combine my business and chemistry skills and contribute to the big issues of our time, such as green chemistry and the industry transformation it will bring. I had a great feeling from the start.

I like the mix, the diversity of our product and technology platform solutions. I'm always amazed at how many specialists work at Evonik. It feels like there's so much new and exciting stuff to learn every day - and I love putting it all together so I can share my new knowledge with others.

In Catalysts, you can make a difference and provide strong support to the customer. The cooperation is very good and that’s very important to me.

Our latest innovation makes me particularly proud to be part of the company - *drumroll*… we have a dedicated flow chemistry catalyst portfolio, and I get to structure the innovation. I link the innovation to sales and the market.

Who wouldn’t be proud to be part of an essential, innovating, and sustainable path? The direction is now clear, and we can get started.

Which of the three themes do you feel you align with most, and why?

Potential without limits, that really resonates with me. That's what drives me and what I experience every day at Evonik. I work across functions, hierarchies, and regions. It is so exciting to be part and able to make a difference when it comes to the transition of the chemical industry. We have a great team with a lot of passion and that's exactly the right environment for me to grow.

Job title Business Development Managerin for Catalysts

Based Hanau-Wolfgang, Germany

Division/Function Smart Materials

Joined Evonik 2018

Education Master of Science in Industrial Engineering with Chemistry