What drives us

Be Part of Diversity

Our success hinges on a diversity of ideas powered by people from a variety of backgrounds.

We see the power in diversity, and, at Evonik we promote an open performance culture in which all employees have equal opportunities to succeed. We’re a place where colleagues really support each other. Where we give each other time, as well as help. We’re a place where you can contribute your expertise and ideas, and always feel like you’ll be listened to.

We live diversity

Evonik has many faces. 33,000 people from over 100 countries work here. Employees with different backgrounds and personalities enrich our teams and our company. They enhance our creativity, innovative capability, and proximity to customers.


The Femtec network connects companies, universities and female STEM students with a Career-Building program to develop their skillset, professional network and future career. Evonik partners with Femtec to access female STEM talents as early as possible and support them sustainably on their career path. 

Reverse Mentoring is a program that organizes inverted types of mentoring relationships in which junior or less experienced employees mentor the senior more experienced employees to help them acquire new learning and perspective. 


groW is a women's network at Evonik—women have been sharing their experiences, knowledge and visions for several years now. Teams at different Evonik locations get involved across borders, offer collegial advice, organize networking days and events, create a platform for common topics, and actively participate in projects and committees to groW together.

PAIRfect brings together people and opportunities by matching Evonik colleagues, interested in a new kind of collaboration. Using the internal platform, one can for example search for potential job-sharing partners, mentors or mentees, experts, lunch partners and even short-time assignments. Through this initiative, employees can actively shape digitization and the paths of "new work" within Evonik.

Diversity is not a game of arithmetic but a matter of culture which must be lived by all staff members. An inclusive mindset and inclusive behavior ultimately determine if we can utilize diversity successfully. With the Diversity Journey, we help employees explore and expand on Diversity topics along six development steps and within two phases ‘MOVE and IMPROVE’ in order to continuously enhance their environment to achieve utilized and meaningful Diversity. The primary point of the phase—"MOVE”—is to achieve an emotional and intellectual understanding of diversity as well as a common view on its added value for our company.  In the second phase “IMPROVE”, employees will analyze their diversity position, their needs and hurdles such as unconscious bias and cultural topics before finding the right measures to further improve their Diversity standpoint. The Diversity Journey toolbox contains various exercises and learning material for each step to provide guidance and further elaboration of the topic for leaders and their teams.

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