What Drives Us

Be Part of Innovation

We see potential in innovation. By creating innovative products, we can make a difference.

We don’t limit potential, we encourage it. Variety excites us, and complexity makes us curious. At Evonik we explore opportunities to create innovative ideas, leading to practical solutions that make the world a better place. The future hasn’t been written yet, and with us, the possibilities are countless. Learn more about what innovation means at Evonik.

Evonik wants to find solutions to real world problems with innovative ideas, teamwork and practical solutions to make the world at Evonik a better place. The production and supply of lipids for the production of mRNA vaccines is part of this. Learn more about innovation and working at Evonik in our #WhyWeDoIt video. In our campaign #WhyWeDoIt, employees tell us what they appreciate about their work and why they do what they do every day.

Our Innitiatives

Evonik uses the global ideation jam format to pool the knowledge of employees from all over the world, to generate creative ideas, to assess the potential of these ideas, and ultimately, to develop a business model from them. The process starts online. The participants are then taught important skills on presenting and implementing their ideas in a boot camp, and the best idea is rewarded with the Evonik Entrepreneurship Award. Find out more here.

The Evonik School of Marketing, organized by Marketing & Sales Excellence, offers training courses tailored to Evonik requirements for all marketing employees of Evonik worldwide. The setup of the three levels—Fundamentals, Advanced, and Mastery—provides Evonik marketers and related functions with customized training plans depending on their individual backgrounds and levels of experience.

Evonik has a culture of innovation. Every year, Evonik looks for an entrepreneur among its employees. The aim is for employees to hone their visionary thinking and develop their ideas for new projects. Find out more here.

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